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Limbo Land..

Well it’s been a while since I have posted a blog. I really don’t have too much exciting to report. Things have been going ok for me over the past couple of weeks. Emotionally I am still up and down and everynow and then tears come from nowhere. I just miss our little boy so much and I know that will never go away. I would do anything to have him back healthy with us. It was D’s birthday last week and we both got upset that night when he was undoing his presents as there should’ve been our little boy on the ground with us tearing at the paper with his daddy and blowing out birthday candles. It will never ever be fair. So many things people take for granted that we would give anything to experience the same. People say that it gets easier, bring it on, this is too hard!


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Great friends…

Even though comments are rarely left on my blog, a few friends let me know that they do read it to see how we are going emotionally, they say it is an easy way to check up on us without having to continually ask how we are. It must be really hard to sit by DH (dear husband not dickhead!) and I for the past 13 months and watch us be so sad and down all the time. Gee how we wish we were still the happy little family of three that wasn’t torn apart. We also wish that you had’ve been able to meet our son before he left us, he was just so perfect, adorable and really cute like his father. Thank you all for being such true friends and standing by us through our bad days. We have sadly lost a few friends due to us not being the fun outgoing people we were, or they just don’t know how to deal with it all or what to say so they just stay away. Hey there is nothing anyone can say to make us feel any worse than we already do. Here’s to our great friends who have stood by us and supported us when we needed them the most. We are truly grateful and love you all dearly and we hope to have more and more good days ahead with you all in the future.

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