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Well I have finally agreed with the experts that time does heal. I have been involving myself with friends children more and more and it’s not hard at all anymore. Yes it is hard watching the bond between mother and child knowing what I am missing out on but I realise that it is not their fault and that they are so lucky. No one will ever truly understand how I hurt and how I ache to have my son in our lives but you just learn to live with that intense hurt. I am so pleased that my MIL has recovered from her stroke so well and that she has agreed to move closer to us so that we can spend more time with her and help her out. Let’s hope that this is our last real challenge for a while and life can start taking a happy path with positive things ahead. Lord knows we deserve it. I think if D & I can survive our first few years of marriage with all of this stress and hurt we should be able to build a strong bond that will last forever. That would be super. I only want the simple things in life – love, family, happiness, friends and good health – shouldn’t be too much to ask really.


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What a week…

What a yucky week it’s been…. just when you think things are back on track all of these horrible things happen in the world to make you have another reality check.
First of all Steve Irwin killed by a damn sting ray of all things…. then I just heard on the radio and double checked on the web that Peter Brock has been killed in a rally car…. two great guys killed doing things they love I guess……but even closer to home, my dear MIL had a stroke yesterday morning at our house and is now in the special stroke unit at the local hospital. We hope that she will make a full recovery with the necessary treatment and drugs. Lots of wine needed this week, I even managed to squeeze one in at lunch time with a friend! Bring on next week I say.

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Survived another one…

Well we have now survived 2 Mother’s Days and 2 Father’s Days. I must admit this year it was still really hard and the emotion is still there but the days aren’t as hard as the 1st year. I guess in reality it is just another day without our son and you get used to the sadness in our hearts that is continuously there. D was ok yesterday, a few tears when he opened his present and card but then he seemed to travel ok during the rest of the day. We gardened all day Saturday and we had a lovely time planting 104 plants in our new front yard with the little doggies (our 2 Jack Russells) running around and getting in the way. The only thing missing in the picture was our little boy running around in his gumboots getting really muddy having fun. These little things are the things I guess other parents (not all – just some) take for granted. If only they could feel our pain and loss for just one day they would treasure their children so much more. Hopefully we will get to experience these things in the near future and I hope everyone else who has lost children survived their Father’s Day ok yesterday too.

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Thank you..

I want to say thank you to Shazz… you are my only comment leaver and I have never met you before. It means a lot to me that you take time to leave kind messages. It is so nice to know that people take time to read my blog and leave a comment for me. Please leave your blog details so that I can find out more about you. Thanks for being my blog friend xx Thinking of you this Fathers Day also.

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