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Well my friend MA kept telling me to change over my blog to wordpress as they are so much better so now I’ve done it.  I still am finding my feet as it is a bit different but hopefully it will work ok.  Things are ok in the B household, some days are still very testing but I think everyone has those days.  Had a wonderful night with our friends last night.  It is the first time we have all been together since we lost Luke and it was lovely to hang out and have a bit of fun again even though there was one piece of the life puzzle missing.  Another friend shared some very sad news about her miscarriage with me this morning and my heart breaks for her.  Why this happens to good people is beyond me.  K is going ok in Hobart and hopes to be home in 2 and a bit weeks but so far so good but the stitch is the only thing keeping that baby there. 


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The past 3 weeks have brought such sadness to my heart for those poor families who I have read death notices for in the paper for their stillborn children. 3 in 3 weeks (that were printed) is such a sad thing. Those poor families nightmares have just begun when I feel like we are slowly learning how to live without Luke in the physical world. True life stories have been brought to my attention about friends of friends (that I haven’t met) drinking and smoking as much the same as they used to during the early stages of their pregnancy. I asked my friend to give me her friends phone number so that I could ring her to give her my say on how precious that tiny baby is that she is carrying and what life is like when that is taken away from you. My other dear friend is now having to stay in hospital to wait for their 3rd child to be born after a scare at 25 weeks. They lost their 2nd child at 25 weeks this time last year and I feel for her not being able to visit the cemetery on his birthday due to being bed ridden to save this baby. Life can be so cruel and I am a tad on the same side as my friend M who says if their is a god out there he certainly works in mysterious ways. Things are going really well for me personally except for work, hate it. I just want to be at home playing with my little boy not putting up with fkng office politics and men who have no respect for women. Little Gizzy (our girl Jack Russell) had her drain and stitches out tonight from her operation done 10 days ago, poor little darl. It’s hard not being able to explain to them what you are doing and why. Oh well my exciting life is telling me it is time to go and see who is going to get kicked off Aus Idol…..sad I know. Take care xx

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