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Another good month..

More blood test results this morning and my prolactin is going down by itself, I have no idea how or why but I’m not complaining as that means I don’t have to go on my horrible tumour tablets yet.  Prolactin only 221 this month – yipppeeeeeeeeeeeee.  Progesterone was 14 which is pretty positive too, not as high as last month but I think ovulation has happened again thanks to the nasty Clomid.  Now the waiting game again……  Fingers, legs, toes, eyes, anything crossed that this was the month. 


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Still alive..

Haven’t posted for a while as I was always told if you have nothing nice to say don’t say it so hence the no blogging for a few weeks.  Took another dose of Clomid – severe cramps that lasted for days – not nice.  No sign of ovulation at CD15 so looks like another dud month ahead.  I feel like I am letting Drew down so badly, my damn dud body just won’t do what it is supposed to.  It is so frustrating as with Luke he was just a miracle and now that we have finally decided that we may be ok to try for another baby it just won’t happen.  Every month when my period comes we cry.  I am just worried that every month will be my last month before having to go back on my tumour tablets again for six months.  Blood test again this Sat.  Fingers crossed it won’t be our last month. A friend told me last Sat she had just “found” out she was having twins and that she is 12 weeks without even knowing/trying.  Blah.  It was nice that she pulled me aside to tell me her news without hearing it on the grapevine.  She already has a 22 yo son, 20 yo daughter and 11yo daughter and turns 40 this year.  I shouldn’t judge but gee I just want 1 baby to keep for ourselves, it’s so hard to hear this news after trying for six months ourselves without any luck.  I am happy for them though, don’t get me wrong.  I’ve just been really flat and out of sorts for the last few days (if you couldn’t tell).  D gone to St Marys for the night to see his mum, her back has been bad.  Wouldn’t be surprised if she comes back with him tomorrow.  I wish she lived closer so that we could help her more.  I will potter about and find some cleaning to do, wish I had a friend to surprise me, come and visit, take me out for a long lunch with wine.  That would be nice.  

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Got my period yesterday.

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So far so good..

Blood test results were awesome… so happy that 2007 is being good to me so far.  Prolactin gone back down to 465 from 714 (600 highest normal level) which is great news as I won’t have to go back on my tumour tablets next week now.  Progesterone level is 48 which is up from a low 3 last month so I definitely ovulated this month thanks to the Clomid so hopefully I will win the trifecta and I won’t get a period next week.  Please please please give me some good news.  I really want this so bad.

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Happy New Year!

Welcome 2007!  I hope that 2007 is kind to us and that our hopes and dreams will come true.  I decided to change the look of my blog for the new year, couldn’t find anything bright and cheerful but this will be ok for now.  I am about to ring for my blood test results to see if I need to go back on my tumour tablets next week.  Fingers crossed my prolactin level is low again, doubt it but I am trying to be positive.  I am off to Smithton tomorrow for a few nights with my parents which will be nice, hopefully we can get down to the shack for a night or two instead of staying in Smithton, I love getting down to my beach! 

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