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Monday 10th

Well we survived another Easter without our son, it is so tough and your mind goes flat out wondering what we would be doing if Luke had’ve been still with us.  He would’ve been celebrating his 2nd birthday this month (on the 22nd) and he would’be been great fun to run around with finding little chocolate eggs in the pot plants and other hidey holes as my mum did for me. 

I am still finding it difficult to discuss this pregnancy with anyone and people that get excited and talk about it constantly (or even worse try and pat my tummy) I just want to say “ok – enough, I’m not ready to do this yet”.  I am still going through so many emotions and the main one being guilt, why won’t they still talk about Luke – yet they are now happy and excited to talk about us being pregnant again like this will make everything better, it won’t.  Living without Luke will always be like a part of us is missing, he will always be a most special part of our family even if we are lucky enough to have more.  Maybe I will feel a little better after the 16th.


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