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Scan Result…

Well I am pleased that is over, I laid there in tears while the scan was being done, with D holding my hand but after all of the anxiety and stress we got good news – one little baby with a healthy heartbeat and our baby was waving it’s little arm and leg stumps around flat out to say hello.  Period date/details: 9w 1d -Baby size date/details: 8w 5d – 3 days variance between the two but they aren’t worried about that at all.  Ob happy with how everything looked.  Due date still approx. 18/11/07, I suggested booking in mid October for a c-section and if I could have a big sedative for me to take until then.  My next scan on 7th May, 2 days before our cruise so I am not sure if I will be more nervous about that or getting on the ship.  Lots of tears of relief once scan was complete, a few more weeks and then hopefully we are out of the scare zone.  Ob did suggest I sit in the corner with my legs crossed for the whole pregnancy, sounds good to me.  Phew, I can breathe again, well for now until my next wave of stress/emotions moves in.


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I am so scared, I have been in tears, I am so worried about my appointment today beyond words.  What happens if something is wrong, I know I need to be positive but I was last time and look what happened, it is so hard.  I can’t cope with the not knowing if everything will be ok this time.  I just want it to be all over and I am at home with a healthy baby to keep for ourselves.  I am missing my little boy so much too, what a week… hopefully good news today and then Lukes’ 2nd birthday on Sunday.  If only he was here with us to come and look at the scan with his father and I today excited that he is going to have a baby brother or sister.  This is so damn hard.  Please let everything be ok today.

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