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You will never guess what happened on Sunday……. our heat pump stopped working.  I had it on in the afternoon as it got a tad chilly and after about an hour I said to D, that feels like it is blowing cold air not hot.  I got up and sure enough it was only blowing cold air even though it was set to 23C.  We were furious beyond words.  We tried everything to fix it ourselves and I read the manual inside out twice.  Nope, couldn’t get it to work and the lovely green indicator light that meant call your technician was blinking away constantly at us.  D rang first thing yesterday morning and we have been stuffed about ever since and still no sign of a technician being out at this stage and it is almost Tues lunch time.  D has blown his lid this morning and we are so fed up with the company we dealt with.  Fingers crossed that we get someone here this afternoon and they can find the problem and all will be ok.  My fear is that it is a faulty unit and we will have to wait for another one to be ordered in and I will be in hospital.  We don’t need this at the moment.

On a brighter note, we are into single digits now.  Only 9 sleeps to go.  I am terrified of so many things going wrong but fighting these feelings and trying to stay positive at the same time. 


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We have our heat pump finally and it is working……ray!! 

It is my last day of work thank goodness and I have almost done everything I need to do to finish off altogether. 

Only 13 sleeps until our little one comes along and I am so anxious my heart hurts.  I am trying to enjoy this time but freaking out at the same time.  We were so naive during our last pregnancy and I so wish I could feel the same now but I can’t, I know too much.  People have been sending me lots of final work emails and calling me wishing us good luck and assuring us that we will be fine this time blah blah and that is nice, don’t get me wrong, I appreciate their good wishes but I don’t get any consolation out of it worse luck.  Once it is all over and we have been transferred to the private hospital I will maybe start to feel a bit more relaxed as I know they won’t transfer us until the baby and I are both ok.  Some people have asked about visiting at the hospital.  I feel bad but I usually say that I am happy for close friends who have been there for us over the past 2 1/2 years are ok to come to the LGH if they wish to (as long as they are up for more emotional times with D & I) but otherwise it would be better to wait until we have been transferred, more sane and not as stressed or emotional (hopefully).   Honestly I just don’t know what to feel right now.  I am feeling so many things.  Guilt, for my friends who can’t fall pregnant and have lost babies.  Worry, that I am going to have no idea what to do.  Stress, that the birth will be successful.  Excitement, to meet our second child and wonder what they will look like.  Tired, so tired.  Love , always love. 

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My appt today with ob went well.  I complained that I wasn’t really keen on an afternoon c-section as my brain would be doing my head in by 2pm in the afternoon and was there anyway I could go in the morning.  I am now booked in 4 days than we had planned on the 8th at 9am.  That means only 16 sleeps from today now.  I am excited but anxious and terrified.  I have to trust that we will be ok this time.  I have to trust the statistics. Now I just get through my last week of work and then a week to relax and then the next week it will be all over.  Man that is scary when you say it like that.  Wonder if our heatpump will be installed by then? 

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I had a bad fall yesterday morning in the study which has hard timber floorboards.  I tripped over my desk drawer I had forgotten to close and fell straight backwards, I cracked my head really hard, bruised my elbow and have jarred all of my backand pelvis.  I was so frightened that I was going to go into labour or worse hurt the baby.  I rang D asap in case I blacked out.  D raced home from work (waiting for speeding ticket in the mail now) and rang the doctors after he helped me up off the floor as I was too scared to move seeing I fell so hard.  He took me straight to the specialist to check the baby and all is ok but they told me if I start having contractions or bleeding to go directly to the hospital.  My mum came back from Hobart on the bus (from visiting my cousin in hospital after her spinal surgery) to look after me and I just rested for the day on the couch with drugs and my heat pack.  My back is so sore today and I had the worst night sleep as I couldn’t get comfortable. But I guess the main thing is that the baby is ok and I am just really sore and bruised today.   Things could’ve ended up worse.

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Heat Pump Take 2…

Well it doesn’t get any better.   The installation guys turned up again this morning with yet again the WRONG heat pump!!!  Can you believe it.  We quoted the number of the unit we wanted to order and we find out we have paid for and received the wrong one.  D back on the phone to salesman to demand correct heat pump.  Guess what, no stock!!  Could be another 5 days to get from V1ctoria if they have one.  What a damn pain in the butt and just what we DON’T need right now.

My cousin was in a terrible single vehicle car accident on Friday night and has suffered lung and spinal damage.  She is only 18 years old and a gorgeous girl.  She is going in for a 6 hour operation to insert a titanium cage into her back to replace the damaged vertibrae this morning.  Those of you who pray, please pray for her.  Those of you who don’t, keep everything crossed for her.  I truly hope that she pulls through and recovers really quickly.  I went to H0bart to visit her yesterday getting a lift with my friend MA, and she was in good spirits, in a lot of pain but with it and I was pleased I was able to see her for myself. 

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Heat Pump Dilemma…

Well my excitement was shortlived this morning.  The lovely salesman who went out of his way to help us last week stuffed up majorly.  He read the dimensions of the heat pump incorrectly therefore the installation guys turned up this morning with a heat pump that wouldn’t fit the wall space required.  I was straight on the phone to salesman, he was certain he had done the right thing but after checking the book in front of me he had used the outside measurements not the inside.  Being a public holiday here today, the warehouse closed so nothing we could do until tomorrow.  The installation guys rang their boss who was furious and demanded salesman open warehouse and bring out correct heater.  Salesman rings back stating ‘no stock’ of correct sized heat pump, maybe one can be ordered in and installed by late next week.  Cindy stressed by this stage and on the phone to husband who was at his mum’s unit helping her with her issues (poor husband).  Installation guys say we have a panel heater here too to drop off, I said no you are installing that too.  They were not told that they had to do that, I said we have paid for the installation so you will be doing that.  AAAAAARRRRRRGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!  Oh for a glass of bourbon at this stage.  Anyway, husband came home to keep wife sane, installation guys put in panel heater (without the holes in the bathroom walls they thought they may have had to make for wiring) and sadly no heat pump until further notice.  We are so furious with salesman as we have paid for and already put in claim for insurance for heat pump that is too big.  I just hope now that we have to go down in size the kw’s will heat our living area ok and we will get a refund for the difference.   Why can’t things run smoothly? 

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My checkup appt was yesterday afternoon.  I had a nice long talk to the midwife who checks you over before seeing obstetrician which was nice as I had a heap of questions re clothing baby, rugs etc to bring to hospital and other little stupid things that I have no idea about as we haven’t had anything to do with babies before and never got much of a chance with Luke.  She checked baby and it was fine.  My blood pressure was fine but low like usual.  We discussed expressing some milk soon ready for the birth seeing I am lactating already.  I will look into that further this week and check with my other specialist about how long I should/can breast feed before going back on my tumor medication.  Ob was great, she went through the c-section procedure with me and told me she is going to word up the doctors and nurses involved with our delivery so that we get extra support as we will be stressed even after the birth scared something bad will happen again.  She is organizing the pediatrician to be there at the birth too.  I told her we didn’t want the one we spoke to after Luke was born as he was rude, blunt and picked his nose during the whole consultation.  That’s about it I think.  I couldn’t talk her into an earlier date than the 12th Nov and her reasons are that she wants me to have a no stress delivery, the baby be well enough and ready for the big wide world and able to transfer us both to the private hospital ASAP to avoid the memories of the public hospital.  She really wants to avoid us having to face the neonate nursery again too.  It is so nice to have someone who cares and understands the tension and anxiety we are feeling.   New heat pump getting installed tomorrow, can’t wait.

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