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Welcome Josh Andrew…

Sorry for not blogging earlier, I have been too busy enjoying our little boy to even be bothered turning on my computer.  I have such a better time waster to play with now.  As you know, we had little Josh on Thursday 8th November at 9.38am.  Not too many dramas with his birth (well only for me not him).  He weighed 8 pounds 0 ounces or 3630 grams and was 49.5cm long.  We came home from hospital the following Wednesday and have loved every minute.  He is such a good boy, sleeping, weeing, pooing and doing everything he should be.  He hardly cries (touch wood) and just has a grizzle when he is hungry or has wind, he is very contented (touch wood again).  We think he is just adorable and gorgeous but we are also very biased as all parents are.  I will attache a couple of photos for you to look at.  Oh and finally our heat pump was fixed this Thursday after much song and dance and more dramas but at least it is working for now (touch wood yet again).  Hope you are all well.




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Heat Pump update no. 5…

Well they finally turned up this morning and checked out what has gone wrong with our brand new heat pump.  Apparently it had been damaged in transport and the installation guys should never have left it on Friday.  The coil had a big hole in it therefore the gas leaked out, hence no heat!  They have taken away the outdoor unit and now we have to wait until next week for the new one to arrive (trust it to be a long weekend here as well), then we will have to hope that we can get the repairers out here by Wednesday at the latest as we will be in hospital Thursday morning and the last thing D will want to do is come home to let them fix the heat pump.  Can you believe the dramas we have had with this whole heat pump deal!! 

Seven sleeps to go, this time next week it will be all over and I am terrified.  I have had tears for the past two nights and hardly slept a wink.  I just wish it was all over now.  At least D starts holidays tomorrow night so he will be here to help keep me sane.

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