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My how time flys…

I haven’t been to blog for a while now.  I feel like I am in a place where good things are happening now and I don’t need to journal my depressed, sad, anxious feelings but share my happy things.  I guess that it great news.  Don’t get me wrong, I still have my sad moments when I think about what we have missed out on with our little Luke but then I pull myself together and realise we have been given a second chance with Josh and that Luke wouldn’t want me to be sad when I think about him all the time.  Josh has brightened our lives so much and we now have so much fun with him as he is getting a real little character already at only 11 weeks old tomorrow.  He is sleeping an average 7-8 hours every night and is being such a good boy for us.  I will attach another updated photo for you, he changes all the time.  As you can see from his chubby cheeks I am a good cow.  I love breastfeeding so much.  Drew gave Josh a bottle of expressed milk to see if he would take it and I felt like I was missing out, that was my job!!  At least we know if we get stuck that he will drink the frozen stuff in the freezer if need be.  Will try to post more often so you know what we are up to.  I love this photo, Daddy and Josh dressed the same which is so cute in their camouflage shorts and blue tshirts.



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