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Another priceless moment…


Just wanted to share this priceless photo with you all.  How long we have waited for this moment and how priviledged we are to be able to read to our little boy.  Josh loves his Daddy reading to him and always has to hold on to a piece of Drew’s clothing or ear.

 We went to the clinic yesterday and nurse is still happy with his progress both physically and mentally.  He now weighs 7.06kg (15lb 9oz) and is 62cm long.  He has put on 380 gms in 3 weeks which is fabulous.  We have to take him for his 4 mth needles tomorrow afternoon and I hate having to do it.  Hopefully he will be ok this time. 


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Another month flys by…

We have had a lovely month.  Exploring new things and learning new tricks.  Josh is getting very clever now holding onto things with both hands and talking (well coo’ing) and laughing.  He is adorable and being such a good boy for us still.  He has been sleeping through the night (with the exception of one every now and then) for about 7 weeks now and it is good to know that I must be doing something right.  He is obviously happy enough and getting enough breast milk to last.  His last clinic visit was positive again with his weight 6.7kg or 14p 11o and his length now 61cm and the nurse very happy with his tests.  He has grown so much and the pile of clothes that he has outgrown continues to grow as quickly as Josh.   My mum and dad have been up three times to visit since Christmas and that is amazing.  I guess their new little grandson gives them more incentive to pass those Rocky Cape Hills…. Here is another photo of our happy boy, he is so much fun x


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