Going great..

Life is still very rewarding and exciting at our house.  We are loving every minute with our new son and he is being the best little boy.  We have had two unsettled nights since being home but otherwise Josh feeds every 4-5hrs during the night and usually 3-4hrs during the day.  He is growing flat out and I am enjoying breastfeeding.  It is such a thrill to be feeding your own son while he is gazing back at you with his gorgeous eyes. 

We took Josh to the cemetery yesterday, we didn’t take him out of the car but D & I wanted to go and put Luke’s Christmas decorations out and I hadn’t been since Josh was born so of course there were plenty of tears.  


I will try to catch up with all of your blogs again soon and will try to attach a new photo from yesterday so you can see how much Josh has grown. 


Sorry for not blogging earlier, I have been too busy enjoying our little boy to even be bothered turning on my computer.  I have such a better time waster to play with now.  As you know, we had little Josh on Thursday 8th November at 9.38am.  Not too many dramas with his birth (well only for me not him).  He weighed 8 pounds 0 ounces or 3630 grams and was 49.5cm long.  We came home from hospital the following Wednesday and have loved every minute.  He is such a good boy, sleeping, weeing, pooing and doing everything he should be.  He hardly cries (touch wood) and just has a grizzle when he is hungry or has wind, he is very contented (touch wood again).  We think he is just adorable and gorgeous but we are also very biased as all parents are.  I will attache a couple of photos for you to look at.  Oh and finally our heat pump was fixed this Thursday after much song and dance and more dramas but at least it is working for now (touch wood yet again).  Hope you are all well.



Well they finally turned up this morning and checked out what has gone wrong with our brand new heat pump.  Apparently it had been damaged in transport and the installation guys should never have left it on Friday.  The coil had a big hole in it therefore the gas leaked out, hence no heat!  They have taken away the outdoor unit and now we have to wait until next week for the new one to arrive (trust it to be a long weekend here as well), then we will have to hope that we can get the repairers out here by Wednesday at the latest as we will be in hospital Thursday morning and the last thing D will want to do is come home to let them fix the heat pump.  Can you believe the dramas we have had with this whole heat pump deal!! 

Seven sleeps to go, this time next week it will be all over and I am terrified.  I have had tears for the past two nights and hardly slept a wink.  I just wish it was all over now.  At least D starts holidays tomorrow night so he will be here to help keep me sane.


You will never guess what happened on Sunday……. our heat pump stopped working.  I had it on in the afternoon as it got a tad chilly and after about an hour I said to D, that feels like it is blowing cold air not hot.  I got up and sure enough it was only blowing cold air even though it was set to 23C.  We were furious beyond words.  We tried everything to fix it ourselves and I read the manual inside out twice.  Nope, couldn’t get it to work and the lovely green indicator light that meant call your technician was blinking away constantly at us.  D rang first thing yesterday morning and we have been stuffed about ever since and still no sign of a technician being out at this stage and it is almost Tues lunch time.  D has blown his lid this morning and we are so fed up with the company we dealt with.  Fingers crossed that we get someone here this afternoon and they can find the problem and all will be ok.  My fear is that it is a faulty unit and we will have to wait for another one to be ordered in and I will be in hospital.  We don’t need this at the moment.

On a brighter note, we are into single digits now.  Only 9 sleeps to go.  I am terrified of so many things going wrong but fighting these feelings and trying to stay positive at the same time. 

We have our heat pump finally and it is working……ray!! 

It is my last day of work thank goodness and I have almost done everything I need to do to finish off altogether. 

Only 13 sleeps until our little one comes along and I am so anxious my heart hurts.  I am trying to enjoy this time but freaking out at the same time.  We were so naive during our last pregnancy and I so wish I could feel the same now but I can’t, I know too much.  People have been sending me lots of final work emails and calling me wishing us good luck and assuring us that we will be fine this time blah blah and that is nice, don’t get me wrong, I appreciate their good wishes but I don’t get any consolation out of it worse luck.  Once it is all over and we have been transferred to the private hospital I will maybe start to feel a bit more relaxed as I know they won’t transfer us until the baby and I are both ok.  Some people have asked about visiting at the hospital.  I feel bad but I usually say that I am happy for close friends who have been there for us over the past 2 1/2 years are ok to come to the LGH if they wish to (as long as they are up for more emotional times with D & I) but otherwise it would be better to wait until we have been transferred, more sane and not as stressed or emotional (hopefully).   Honestly I just don’t know what to feel right now.  I am feeling so many things.  Guilt, for my friends who can’t fall pregnant and have lost babies.  Worry, that I am going to have no idea what to do.  Stress, that the birth will be successful.  Excitement, to meet our second child and wonder what they will look like.  Tired, so tired.  Love , always love. 


My appt today with ob went well.  I complained that I wasn’t really keen on an afternoon c-section as my brain would be doing my head in by 2pm in the afternoon and was there anyway I could go in the morning.  I am now booked in 4 days than we had planned on the 8th at 9am.  That means only 16 sleeps from today now.  I am excited but anxious and terrified.  I have to trust that we will be ok this time.  I have to trust the statistics. Now I just get through my last week of work and then a week to relax and then the next week it will be all over.  Man that is scary when you say it like that.  Wonder if our heatpump will be installed by then? 

I had a bad fall yesterday morning in the study which has hard timber floorboards.  I tripped over my desk drawer I had forgotten to close and fell straight backwards, I cracked my head really hard, bruised my elbow and have jarred all of my backand pelvis.  I was so frightened that I was going to go into labour or worse hurt the baby.  I rang D asap in case I blacked out.  D raced home from work (waiting for speeding ticket in the mail now) and rang the doctors after he helped me up off the floor as I was too scared to move seeing I fell so hard.  He took me straight to the specialist to check the baby and all is ok but they told me if I start having contractions or bleeding to go directly to the hospital.  My mum came back from Hobart on the bus (from visiting my cousin in hospital after her spinal surgery) to look after me and I just rested for the day on the couch with drugs and my heat pack.  My back is so sore today and I had the worst night sleep as I couldn’t get comfortable. But I guess the main thing is that the baby is ok and I am just really sore and bruised today.   Things could’ve ended up worse.